Dewalt 70 Amp Wheel Charger with 200 Amp Engine Start

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The DEWALT 12-Volt rolling battery charger delivers a continuous 70 Amp charging power, with a patented, powerful 210 Amp engine start. Fully featured with a real time information LCD screen, this charger is ideal not only for the Pro, but its ease of use makes it ideal for everyone. However, built with the Pro in mind, the DXAE210 is all that high frequency technology charging can deliver, no need to select battery or charger rate, it does it all for you.

  • 70 Amp continuous, 210 Amp engine start
  • LCD screen with real-time information
  • Battery volt meter
  • Battery recondition
  • Reverse polarity alarm
  • 3.1 Amp USB power outlet
  • 120-Volt AC power outlet
  • Telescoping handle
  • 1 touch to access multiple features
  • Onboard storage for metal clamps and cables
  • Heavy duty rubber wheels