Deluxe White Storm Door Handle Set with Deadbolt

Deluxe White Storm Door Handle Set with Deadbolt

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This storm door hardware set includes an elegant lever handle and an integrated keyed deadbolt. It compliments a wide range of décor styles and is compatible with most pre-installed surface-mount handles. The interior latch features an easy opening push movement. The integrated keyed lock provides additional security, so you can keep your main door open and enjoy the light and fresh air while still feeling safe. This set includes everything needed for an easy installation. The package includes screws and spindles to fit doors from 1 in. to 2-1/8 in. thick. New installations should take about 45-60 minutes. You'll need to drill a new 7/8 in. hole for the key lock. Before drilling, ensure that the inside latch and lock do not interfere with the operation of your main door handle. When replacing an existing handle, please verify carefully the dimensions and configuration of your existing handle set. There are lookalike sets on the market that look the same from the front but are significantly different and will not be compatible. This handle set uses the 2 posts with 1-3/4 in. spacing which is standard to most storm door handles. Other brands use up to 4 posts. Each post requires a hole to be drilled through your door. This handle has 3 in. between the handle and the key lock. Other brands are different. The interior lock in this set is fastened directly to the inside face of the door and does not connect to the outside handle.

  • Before buying: verify that the dimensions match your current handle, some lookalike handles have more posts and different dimensions
  • Upgrade your current push-button handle and add extra security or replace your existing lever handle
  • Set includes lever handle, interior latch and keyed deadbolt
  • Includes spindles to fit doors from 1 in. to 2-1/8 in. thick
  • Includes all components needed for easy installation
  • For out-swinging doors