Husky Metric Ratcheting Double Box-End Wrench Set (5-Piece)

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Husky Ratcheting Double Box-End Wrenches require only a 5degree arch swing to engage fasteners. Their sleek 0degree offset head is great for working in confined spaces were most other wrenches won’t fit. Each wrench has the added benefit of having 2 sizes in just 1 wrench.

  • Set includes 5 double sided wrenches covering sizes 10 x 11, 12 x 13, 14 x 16, 17 x 19, 22 x 24mm
  • Each wrench features 2 sizes to help reduce the number of tools you need to get the job done
  • Alloy steel construction provides durability and long lasting performance
  • 0degree offset box end allows for maximum clearance in tight spaces
  • Wrenches feature off corner loading to help prevent the rounding of fasteners
  • Box -end provides additional leverage and less likelihood of slipping when used on hard to remove fasteners
  • 12-point box-end