modernhome Premium Digital Air Fryer (5.8 Qt./1700-Watt)

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Whether you're looking for a healthy way to cook and prepare your favorite indulgence foods, or simply want to save more time in the kitchen, the Modernhome Family-Sized Digital Touch-Screen Air Fryer makes enjoying your favorite foods faster and healthier. Carefully created with a small footprint for your countertop, this innovative air fryer features a bright, clear LED that you can see from a distance and touch-activated buttons so you can adjust the time and temperature at any point. Create perfectly-prepared meals in less time, all without the excess calories and saturated fat, grease, and harmful chemicals that come from traditional deep frying. The detachable basket features a sturdy handle and built-in safety switch, for added confidence and a mess-free transfer every time. A built-in timer and standby mode give you more confidence in the kitchen and a detachable basket with ergonomic handle provides a firm grip when removing and transferring completed meals.

  • Make your favorite meals in a snap with less fat: Includes a full-color recipe book and precise digital controls to prepare meat, seafood, fries, desserts and other mouth-watering meals; you can now enjoy your favorite crispy food with less fat, calories and grease
  • Beat the preheat: Reaches up to 400° in seconds using hot air and rapidly-circulating fans which also evenly cook and crisp your food from all angles; bake, roast, fry and grill meats, breakfasts, desserts, vegetables and more faster than a traditional oven or convection oven
  • Bright, clear LED with touch-control buttons: An illuminated LED screen makes it easy to see the remaining time from across the room, while touch-controls allow you to precisely adjust temperature and time at any point in the process