NewAir AF-1000W White Portable Evaporative Cooler

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The NewAir AF-1000W will freshen and clean the air in any small to medium size room of up to 300 square feet. It is guaranteed to save you money over the cost of traditional air conditioners powered by refrigerants, but it is also a better choice for the environment and your family as well. This earth friendly cooling method does not require any harmful chemicals or refrigerants to operate. The AF-1000W is one of the most striking and eye catching residential evaporating cooler units on the market. It immediately catches your eye with its modern design, adding a clean appearance and contemporary style to any environment. Plus, it offers unmatched efficiency and value! It use only 160 watts of energy, so you can afford to use anytime you need a little extra cooling. In addition to all of the above, this powerful and compact air cooler is also earth friendly, as it doesn't use harsh chemicals or refrigerants to cool the air. All this unit requires is water and electricity.
NewAir AF-1000W White Portable Evaporative Cooler:

  • Automatic air louvers gently circulates fresh air through the room
  • Cool rooms up to 300 sq ft with minimal energy costs
  • Lightweight and portable unit is easy to move where you need cooling
  • Program the automatic timer to match your schedule
  • Protect the environment with the natural cooling power of evaporation
  • Dimensions: 15.00"L x 12.00"W x 35.50"H